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Plant Circle

Elevate your space with lush greenery! From offices and cafes to commercial and private spaces, we bring nature’s beauty to every corner. Our design process begins with a thorough consultation and site visit, analyzing light, humidity, and functionality to create the perfect green oasis. 

Discover the power of office greening and let nature inspire productivity and growth in your business environment.

Technology: WordPress

Service: Website Development


Plant Circle is dedicated to offering an extensive range of high-quality plants. Their mission is to transform spaces with the beauty and vitality of greenery. By providing an array of plant options, they cater to both novice plant enthusiasts and experienced gardeners. They believe that plants not only enhance the aesthetics of any environment but also contribute to improved well-being and a healthier lifestyle. At Plant Circle, they are committed to helping our customers create lush, green spaces that bring joy and tranquility to their lives.

Services We Delivered

At Plant Circle, We developed a custom WordPress theme tailored to Plant Circle’s unique brand, ensuring a seamless user experience and integrated e-commerce functionality for their online plant sales. Additionally, we optimized the website for SEO and mobile responsiveness to enhance visibility and accessibility.

Custom WordPress Development:

Created tailored WordPress themes and plugins to meet specific client requirements, ensuring a unique and functional website design.

Website Migration and Maintenance:

Seamlessly migrated existing websites to WordPress and provided ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and security.

E-commerce Solutions:

Developed and integrated WooCommerce solutions, enabling clients to efficiently manage their online stores and drive sales.

SEO and Performance Optimization:

Implemented SEO best practices and performance enhancements to improve website visibility and loading speeds, ensuring a better user experience.

Responsive Design:

Ensured all websites are fully responsive, providing an optimal viewing experience across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.



Our Company

How Ravian assistED Plant Circle

01. Discussion

We discussed requirements via emails and Zoom meetings. We took this part very seriously as the whole project proceedings was on the basis of the requirements discussed. Our team were available according to clients’ time zones and availability.

02. Ideas & Prototypes

Our experts came up with ideas and prototypes for delivering the best solutions for the website development. We showed them that their actual and final project would look like. In this way, we kept our valuable client on the same page.

03. Development & Testing

After agreeing on the ideas and prototypes, we started the development of the project. We kept deep care of testing every module and functionality. We also offered multiple revisions and modifications to make it perfect.

04. Professional Launch

Our experts assisted to make a professional launch once the project was approved after testing, revisions, and modifications. We took care of all aspects which were needed for a professional launch. Your success is our success.

Final Design

The final design for Plant Circle’s website seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, reflecting the beauty of their diverse plant offerings. With a clean, modern layout and vibrant imagery, the website provides an engaging user experience that captures the essence of nature. Intuitive navigation and strategically placed calls-to-action guide visitors effortlessly through the site, making it easy for them to explore, learn, and shop.

Additionally, the design prioritizes responsiveness, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all devices. Advanced features such as a plant care blog, interactive plant filters, and integrated social media feeds enrich the user journey, fostering a deeper connection with the Plant Circle community. The result is a visually appealing, user-friendly platform that effectively showcases Plant Circle’s products and expertise, driving both engagement and sales.

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